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Make your event a Success!

Top 10 Tips for Any Successful Party

  1. If the party is to be a surprise, it is important to have a private phone number where caterers and Djs can call to confirm times, locations, and answer any questions you may have.

  2. It’s a great idea to have a theme for your party! This will help guests in gift selection and attire for the party. Some theme ideas might include Sock-Hop, Hawaiian, 50’s-60’s, Sports, Mexican Fiesta, Roaring 20’s, Costume, etc.

  3. When sending invitations, be sure to mail them 3-4 weeks in advance. Be sure to include the attire/theme, food selection, times, whether gifts are appropriate, RSVP number, indicate if you must be 21 or older, and directions. If planning for a children’s party, indicate pick up time.

  4. If you are hiring a professional caterer, ask for references, cancellation policies, deposits (refundable or not), and staffing. A source for professional caterers ins the National Association of Catering Executives, Wedding Coordinators, local Halls/Facilities, and word of mouth.

  5. When deciding on a location for your party, keep in mind:
    Parking Needs
    Approximate Number of Guests
    Dance Floor (these can be rented)
    Noise Codes or Statutes
    Handicap Access
    Personal Facilities
    Closing Time
    Cleaning Deposit
    Any needs of your vendors (cooking facility, electrical, etc.)

  6. Advise your guests whether gifts are appropriate, if registered anywhere, limited to a dollar amount, and whether or not they need to be tied to the party theme. With children’s parties, correct sizes and personal tastes, indicate if you do not approve of certain gifts such as toy guns, etc...

  7. If your party will consist of many or all under-age guests, adult supervision is a MUST. Make sure your chaperones know what their responsibilities are and are available at all times. Your catering staff and entertainers will be busy doing their functions, so it is important  for them to know who your chaperones are and where to find them.

  8. When deciding on times for your party, don’t let the party go on too long. It is best to have everyone in good spirits at the end rather than having your guests dwindle down to a few at the end. Some basic guidelines based on age groups are:
    12 and under    1 ½ - 2 Hours
    13- 18 yr    2 - 3 Hours
    18- 21 yr    3 - 4 Hours
    21 +         4 - 5 Hours

    Also consider what activities will be occurring during the party, such as games, contests, costume characters, roasts, gift exchange or unwrapping, adult entertainment, etc.

  9. Entertainment is the KEY component to any party. When considering your entertainment keep in mind the theme, the Guest of Honor and especially, your invited guests! Though the Guest of Honor may be a “classical buff”, having a string quartet for entertainment may find many invited guests having “pressing or prior commitments” and leaving early. The same may be true at an 18th birthday party where “oldies” are played, or a 5 year-olds party and Top-40 music being played.

  10. Be sure to let all your vendors know what you expect out of them and what they can expect, as to your quests and the party. Disappointments come when communication is poor.

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