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great northwest karaoke



Over $1,500.00
in Cash and Prizes!!

$1,000.00 for 1st Place
$300.00 for 2ndPlace
$200.00 for 3rd Place


Below is a listing of all participating venues. The contest officially starts, Sunday, April 10th. The Semi-Finals will be held on July 17 and the Finals on July 24. All venues are from 9pm - Close.
We, at Mobile Sound Entertainment, would like to thank all the participating establishments, contestants, disc jockey companies, DJs and KDJs for their support and participation.

The following is the list of participating venues and dates to folllow The Great Northwest Karaoke Challenge.

July 17, 2011
Location TBD
July 24, 2011
Location TBD


Old Town Bistro, Silverdale



Inside Out Café, Subbase Bangor


All Star Lanes, Silverdale



Moondogs, Too, Port Orchard


Kelly’s 19th Hole, Bremerton




Solo contestants only; duets and groups will not qualify.

  • You may enter the contest in as many participating venues as you like. Once you have won a nightly competition, you are not eligible to compete in that venue until the in-house finals.
  • A contestant must represent only one venue in advanced level competition (i.e., once a contestant is a venue champion, they are not eligible to compete in any other venue final). A spot in the in-house finals is secured by winning 1st place in Great Northwest Karaoke Challenge’s weekly contest. First place winners will return to the venue on the night designated to compete for advancement to the next level.
  • Professional Singers (paid to perform) are not eligible.
  • Employees of Mobile Sound Entertainment, and their immediate families are not eligible.
  • Employees of participating venues and their immediate families are not eligible in venues which they work.
  • Host of the GNWKC are ineligible to compete in any participating venue. Any DJ's, KDJ's or Hosts past or present will be disqualified.
  • The number of advancing contestants from the in-house finals to Great Northwest Karaoke Challenge Finals is 3.


Levels of Competition

  • 12 Weekly in-house Competitions
    (1st place contestant becomes an in-house finalist each week)
  • In-House Finals for each venue
    (1st place winners will compete in a final on a date TBD by the venue to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for that venue.)
  • Great Northwest Karaoke Challenge Semi-Final
    (Number to be advanced to Finals will be determined on date of contest)
  • Great Northwest Karaoke Challenge Finals
    (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finalists will be selected for cash prizes)


Contest Advancement

Advancement to the Next Level:

  • 1st and 2nd place contestants from each location will advance to Great Northwest Karaoke Challenge Finals.
  • 3rd place contestants from each location will compete in the Great Northwest Karaoke Challenge Semi-Finals.  In the event of a tie, audience response scores will determine the winner. In the unlikely event that this still produces a tie, those same judges will be asked to break the tie.
  • Alternate Contestants: 1 alternate contestant should be chosen from the in-house finals if one or all Champions are unable to advance.

Song Selection: A contestant may select any song from the list available at each participation location. Two or more contestants may sing the same song. At the Great Northwest Karaoke Challenge Finals. No personal discs. contestants must select songs from provided song list.  Have 2 songs ready should you advance in the finals.



There will be a minimum of three (3) judges at all levels, preferably an odd number.

Disqualification criteria for judges:

  • Anyone who is a contestant acquaintance, or has any predisposed bias towards one or more contestants (example: a venue owner whose patrons are competing in a in-house competition).
  • Intoxicated people.
  • Failure to complete scores for all contestants.

Each judging ballot shall be anonymous.
Judge's scores will be tabulated in-house on the night of the competition. The ballots and tally sheets shall be available for 15 minutes after the winner is announced, for any contestant to see (under supervision). Should an error in addition alter the winner chosen, there will be an official recount. This is the only reason and only time that the results may be challenged. Judging forms should not be destroyed for any reason.

Mobile Sound Entertainment reserves the right to disqualify any contestant, judge, or venue location if any or all of the aforementioned rules and criteria are felt to be violated.

The judges decisions are final and not subject to appeal.


Judging Criteria

  • Vocal Ability (100 points possible)
  • Entertainment Value (50 points possible)
    This includes not only costuming, dancing etc., but also how well the contestant sells the song. This category is very important, as it allows charisma and showmanship equal importance with singing ability.
  • Audience Response (50 points possible)
    This score is to be determined during and immediately after the song only.  The value of this criteria will decrease from 50 points to 25 points at the in-house finals and beyond


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